The Marisol


Marisol flowers are usually large paper flowers, used to decorate for Fiestas. They will usually be a large flower with a small tulip like flower in the center. 14k White Gold is 14g Threaded. 14k Rose Gold is 18g Threadless.

Remember, these are just the fronts, so if you need a backing, here’s a link to Neometal Small Disc Posts:

Here’s a link to Neometal Large Disc Posts:

Looking for a backing for your new piece? Here are some links!

For 14g Straight Barbells, check here-

For 14g Curved Barbells, check here-

For 14g J-Curves, check here-

If you need a back disc for your barbell, check here-

For directional pieces (ex- a heart facing upright on a curve, or a unicorn upright on a j-curve), check here-


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