Sparkly Clear Curated Set


A curated ear with lots of sparkles!  This curated set includes

– One 18g trinity clear cz

– One 18g 5mm clear cz

– One 18g 4mm clear cz

– Two 18g 5/16 white gold seam rings

– One 14g Leroi 3 gem beaded cluster

– 14g & 18g taper with a mini hemostat

Remember, these are just the fronts, so if you need a backing, here’s a link to Neometal Small Disc Posts:

Here’s a link to Neometal Large Disc Posts:

For 14g Straight Barbells, check here-

For 14g Curved Barbells, check here-

For 14g J-Curves, check here-

If you need a back disc for your barbell, check here-

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