Crown Set Labradorite

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Looking for a backing for your new piece? Here are some links!

For 14g Straight Barbells, check here-

For 14g Curved Barbells, check here-

For 14g J-Curves, check here-

If you need a back disc for your barbell, check here-

For directional pieces (ex- a heart facing upright on a curve, or a unicorn upright on a j-curve), check here-

Labradorite is consider to be the best stone for fighting off existential crisis. A rock star of mystical lore and ancient legends, the Labradorite crystal’s meaning can be traced back to the native people of Canada, who believed the stone was created from frozen fire, a result of the northern lights. With it’s pearly hues that shimmer in a range of iridescent blues and greens, the Labradorite crystal reminds us to keep it magical by linking us to the spirit world, a dimension where anything is possible. 14g Threaded.

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