A piercing and body modification enthusiast since the age of 12, Margo dreamed of one day becoming a professional piercer. She started getting pierced by Joe at 15 and soon found herself using his
passion and work ethic as an example to follow for her future aspirations. Now as Joe’s apprentice, she’s furthering her education each day as she moves along in her apprenticeship. She also edits and reviews all the articles for the Amato site, and is motivated to help with educating all clients about healthy, safe body piercing!

Accepted into the Association of Professional Piercers in December of 2017, Margo is now offering select piercings here at the studio, such as helixes, conches, lobes and more.  Margo works hard to ensure every client has the best piercing experience possible, from picking jewelry, discussing after-care, and preforming the piercing, she’s there start to finish. As she continues her apprenticeship, she will be offering more and more piercings! Call or stop by to find out what her piercing options are.